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CONSTRUCTION OF A HEALTH CENTER IN LOGMAÏ The history of Logmaï Logmaï is a small village in the Bassa country ( Cameroon ) located in a mountainous region in  a dense forest. Located  at 3ours of track from Yaoundé and Douala It belongs to the district of Ndom , Division of Sanaga Maritime, in the Littoral Province . This  village counts about  1,000 people left to themselves, forgotten by the government, especially in health . The inhabitants of Logmaï live mainly on agriculture. Their days are punctuated by an early start in the fields. The only existing unit Sagbayemy is linked to various villages in the district by the tracks impassable by car. As a result, patients must walk to reach the clinic , while some would not reach their destination. This was the case in 1992 when my elder brother and only son Ngimpak  had lost his life as a result of bleeding after a serious accident; This project is dedicated to his memory. My determination and my passion comes from the fact that what happened to him may not repeat itself again in this village! -Logmaï is made up of two groups; namely  Bodkang and Nkôô -The people of Logmaï are famous for Mahongo dance commonly known as " Mahongo ma Logmaï ."  
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